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Adewole Oluwaseye Port Development in East Africa and the Impact of New LNG Development
Ali Aulia ASEAN Regional Free Trade Area Improvement in Logistics and the Impact Towards Indonesia’s Container Demand in The Port of Tanjung Priok
Aliyeva Roza Economic and Trade Impact of Low Sulphur Fuel Requirements on the Ports in the Hamburg-LeHavre Range
Aslan Zafer The New Inspection Regime of Paris MOU: Possible improvements of Turkish Ship Targeting System
Atmatzidis Ilias Trade Route Modelling in Chemical Shipping
Ayper Bora Efficiency Analysis of Ferry Lines Connecting South to North in the Sea of Marmara
Baez Hernandez Luis Augusto International Trade analysis of lifting Cuba’s Trade Embargo: New dynamics in the Caribbean container services
Bhoir Prashant Identifying the determinants of strategic port partnership in host country market for port authority/port development company internationalisation strategy: a case study of Port of Rotterdam and India as host market
Bipul Nilay Impact of the U.S. Shale gas export on Asian LNG Trading and Pricing – by 2020
Chamorel Edouard The dynamic relationship in returns and volatilities between Capesize and Panamax markets from 2008 to 2016
Dantas Lira Goncalves Rodrigo Comparative financial feasibility analysis of the Vertical Port Concept: A new concept in port expansion
Dedousis Apostolos The impact of Piraeus’ port privatization on port performance and port competition in the Mediterranean Sea.
Dimitriou Georgios Where is the Crude Oil Tanker Market Heading in the Next 10 Years?
Glyniadakis Pavlos The case of the Piraeus Port as a gateway for the Balkan region and Central-Eastern European Countries
Granot Adar Autonomous Cargo Vessels: Analysis for Future Operations Model
Kontaxis Dimitrios Explaining the oil price spread between WTI and Brent during U.S. shale oil revolution
Ma Mengyan The Potential Global Economic and Trade Impact of “One Belt One Road” and the Impact for the Global Shipping Sector: Study of the “21st” Century Maritime Silk Road”
Makhecha Arjun Analysis of the determinants of container throughput of the major ports in the Hamburg Le Havre range
Mishra Puneet Empirical Analysis of Natural Gas Price: Linkage to Oil Indexation
Nair Abhishek Alternative Fuels for Shipping: Potential for reductions in CO2 emissions, financial viability for ship owners and optimised fleet mix design for policymakers
Pasachidis Antonios Alternative Financing in Shipping
Rizzo Francisco A Look Into Ecuador’s Future Demand for Selected Products; Case Study for Guayaquil’s Main Grain Port Berth Capacity
Roha Anton Feasibility Study of Automation Implementation in Indonesia’s Container Terminal (Case Study: JICT Container Terminal)
Roman Chavez Julieth Development of a strategic plan for Port Authority of Guayaquil – A Case of Guayaquil
Sarwono Ottik A Comparative Business Risk Analysis Between Non-Diversified And Diversified Companies And Between Related And Unrelated Diversification Companies  Case Study of Port Services Industries in Asia Region
Varveris Dimitrios Revenue Management Methods in Liner Shipping
Veldt Inge The Impact of Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement on Maritime Transport of Maize, Palm Oil, Soybeans and Wheat
Vigfusdottir Margret Analysis of the Short Sea Container Ships Market. Support for Investment Decisions
Wang Zhuxiao The global economic and trade impact of one belt one road strategy of China – study of Silk Road Economics Belt
Zairul Reza Analysing Intermodal Options: The Case of Port Tanjung Priok
Zhang Yixiang Analysis of the Incentives in Environmental Strategies Implementation in Chinese Ports
Zhao Xin Green Strategic Positioning Analysis for Major Asian Container Seaports
Zhou Shengzhe The Impact of China’s Monetary Policy on Global Commodity Prices



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