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Van Adrichem Kim LNG Terminal Location Optimization for Vopak
Ahmadov Sanan Shipbuilding perspectives in Azerbaijan
Ajala Irede Co-development of business opportunities in Nigerian Port Networks: Strategy for Port Authorities
Archontakis Michail Monitoring the Crude Oil Throughput for the Port of Rotterdam
Aritonang Adriansyah The Feasibility Study of Coal Terminal Investment in Lampung – Indonesia
Bali Rahie Piracy Risk and Mitigation Framework
Chen Mingkong Study on the Berth Throughput Volume of Shanghai Shengdong International Container Terminal
Chronopoulou Theodora How changes in the sub-market of Oil Products & Petroleum Coke affect the throughput of this sub-market in the port of Rotterdam?
Dekkers Gerhard Economic indicators associated with the animal feed industry that affects the agribulk throughput of the Port of Rotterdam
Kouambo William Douni An economic analysis of the impact on port development in Tunisia and Morocco following their Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with the European Union
Giannakakis Konstantinos Monitoring the throughput of the Ro-Ro Submarket for the Port of Rotterdam
Grage Thies Critical success factors for public-private partnerships in the provision of port infrastructure
Van Hoogenhuizen Jan-Willem Determinants of Bilateral Liner Shipping Connectivity
Kegl Clemens The effectiveness of FFAs in hedging freight rate risk in the Dry Cargo Panamax Sector
Koukoumakis Christos The Impacts of the European Union Sovereign Debt Crisis on the Maritime Transportation of Natural Gas
Lascano Armas Diego Future of Iron Ore Imports in Europe: are the steel firms at risk?
Luo Han An Analysis of Port Competitiveness through User’s Perception Measurement
Madueke Ugonna Measuring and Benchmarking Efficiency and Productivity Levels of Liquid Bulk Terminal Operations Using a DEA AND OEE Approach
Metaxas Andreas Analyzing the Seven Sub Markets in the Port of Rotterdam: The Sub Market of Oil Products and Petcoke
Mizithras Pavlos Monitoring the changes of throughput, in the submarket of coal within the Port of Rotterdam
Ntaraklitsis Christos Assessing strategies within the Intra Europe maritime chemical trade: Stolt-Nielsen case
Palaiopoulos Theodoros Factors Determining Iron Ore Throughput in the Port of Rotterdam
Panagiotidis Dimitrios A global perspective of Liquefied Natural Gas vessels capacity
Rai Gajendra Behavioural Chartering Strategies
Sari  Vonny The Improvement of Cold Chain in Indonesia and the Role of Tanjung Priok Port
Shen Cong An Analysis of Electronic Intermediaries in the Shipping Business
Tsiboukis Andreas Monitoring the Agribulk submarket within the Port of Rotterdam: A Two Year Forecast
Varias Christos A techno-economic comparison between Eco-design and Eco-converted ships
Vavakis Filippos An analysis of the impact of non-tariff barriers on Greek ports’ trade flows
Wardana Dadan Feasibility Study of the Dry Port Development In the Highway Area as a Supporting Facility of the Port of Tanjung Priok
Warraich Alhan Monitoring the sub markets of the Port of Rotterdam
Widyasmoro Bondan Restructuring of the Shipping Department within Indonesia’s State-Owned Oil and Gas Company
Yang Junxiao An Empirical Analysis of the Price Discovery Function in Tanker Forward Freight Agreement Market
Zheng Mijia Research on the Management of Delays in a Construction Plan
Van Zuijlen Paul  Pricing guidelines for port authorities in the context of the theory of two-sided markets


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