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Alameddine Mohamad The effects of road taxation on the ports competitiveness and intermodal splits in the Hamburg-Le Havre range.
Breucha Martin Break Even Analysis of Triple-E Class in view of
different Capacity Utilization and Bunker Cost
Castaneda Jesus Emmanuel Feasibility of a Rail Hinterland Investment Project:
Case study of Port of Altamira
Dewi Ratih Kusuma The Key Factors Defining Port Performance Measurement:
Case of Indonesia Port Corporation II
Gritsopoulos Andreas Maritime Piracy in Somalia – Measures of day to day confrontation
with the risk of piracy
Guboglo Victor Corporatization of port of Amsterdam: The Impact of the Change in the Management Structure on the Port Performance
Hamidov Hidayat Locational Analysis of Dry Port in Azerbaijan
Hardian Bobby Transport Economics of Coal Resources in South Sumatra, Indonesia
Hemmelskamp Jan TMSA and KPI Systems – Challenges in Business Performance Measurement
Jang Yong Hyeok (Brian) Analysis of Logistics integration effectiveness based on Samsung model
Kampa Elina The Chinese Demand for Iron Ore and Its Effect on Freight Rates
Kartsiouka Eleni Factors that affect the Freight Rates of Coal Trade between Australia and China for Panamax Vessels
Li Junhui An Econometric Analysis of Shipbuilding Market in China
Li Yan The impacts of large scale container vessels on container terminals: Simulation of Triple-E class container vessel calling at Yantian International Container Terminal
Manayani Sanju The analysis and comparison of three industrial supply chains viz oil, consumer electronics and fast moving consumer goods
Mytilinaios Panteleimon Determine the demand for shipping services in ports using stated and revealed preference techniques. The case of the major Greek ports
Nieuwenhuizen Gert-Jan The impact of ultra large container vessels on short haul feeder connections
Case study: Short haul feeder shuttle Port of Rotterdam – Port of Amsterdam
Oblakova Desislava Assessment of the Impact of European Union Free Trade Agreements on Trade Flows
Panda Ashish Data Envelopment Analysis of the Resilience of Container security in the Indian Dry Ports
Stasinopoulos Panagiotis N. Return on investment in newly built and second hand vessels and portfolio risk management in shipping: The case of equity financed bulk carriers and tankers
Sun Jialing Gwadar Port from the Perspective of Xinjiang Province of China
Sun Pei-Jen Repositioning of empty reefer containers: problems and strategies
Vlachopoulou Ekaterini Economics of Scrapping
Wang Jessica Chia-Chi Chartering Strategies for Oil Companies
Wang Liguo Container seaport selection criteria for shipping lines in a global supply chain perspective: implications for regional port competition.
Zeeuw van der Laan Jaap Portfolio analyses in the bulk shipping market
Zepeda Carlos The Effect of Brazilian Economic Growth on Trade and Maritime Transport Flows
Zlatev Nikolay The Seine Nord Europe canal – a growth opportunity for the Port of Rotterdam?
Zwiers Robin Analysis of the Potential for a Commodity Trader in the
Bioethanol Market
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