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Buchi Daria Modern maritime piracy: a heuristic framework to identify potential future piracy hotspots
Chee Jason Fleet composition as competitive advantage
Choi Byung Chull Optimizing storage capacity in public distribution centres
Demirel Baris Private container terminal efficiency in Turkey
Ellero Antonio Sergio Barge hinterland transport of orange juice in Europe
Fisher Christopher Foreign direct investment in Greenfield port projects in developing countries: a determination of leading indicators for successful investment
Flanegin Gunther The remaining economic life time of a semi-submersible crane vessel
Geerdes Rogier Maritime casualties: developments and causal relations
Kefalas Anastasios The Greek passenger ferry transport system: service level agreements in the route Piraeus – Samos Island
Leenders Tijl The intelligence process at Royal Vopak N.V.: a grounded theory approach
Mandebvu Tsungirirai Leveraging distinctive competencies to enhance competiveness in liner shipping: strategic analysis and the sustainability explored
Mikelaishvili Vakhtang Port pricing – flexible price system and automatic cyclical correction for port leasing and operational contracts
Mintilogliti Maria Nefeli Integrated maritime policy in the Port of Rotterdam
Muntzing Rickard William Mutuality in P&I insurance: an institutional approach
Parameritis Ioannis Liner shipping regulation and pricing for integrated logistics services
Pena Hormaza Enrique Queuing scenarios in bulk terminal discharge operations in the ports of Colombia
Plousios Asteris Maintenance and spare parts inventory optimization at container terminals: the case of ECT
Pollalis Aporstolos Third party ship management companies and their legal relationship with their principals
Purohit Festen Kajal Feasibility of the hub-and-spoke principle for LNG supply chains in Northwest Europe
Schutte Djurre Jan BLU Code compliance and vessel suitability for terminal handling
Selevistas Marios Investments in bulk shipping: an evaluation framework
Tousypanah Honey The economic crisis impact on liner shipping connectivity: a quantitative approach
Van der Beek Daniel Barging on the Rhine and the challenge for the port of Rotterdam
Xu Jian Recent consolidation trends in the container terminal industry
Yun Hyeong Sun Liner alliance: the future of the liner shipping industry?
Zhang Yichi Cost-benefit analysis of implementation of off dock container storage facilities
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