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Cai Wei Container-on-Barge Network on the Yangtze River Valley
Ekim Ayca N. Investment Opportunities in Chemical Storage: the Case of Turkey
Georgiou Konstantonos Efficient Assurance of Quality Attributes in the Food Supply Chain – An Empirical Approach of the Wholesale Industry, Makro Hellas Case Study”
Hong Sungwon Sustainable Development in Ports: Cases of the Port of Rotterdam and the Busan Port
Hussain Mohamed An Application of DEA Analysis to Middle Eastern and African Ports
Kim Hyung-Chan Procurement Policy for Coking Coal – The Supply Stability and the Purchasing Cost: Cases of Japanese and Korean Steel Industries
Kwak James The Strategy to Diversify Cargo in Port of Busan – Lesson from Port of Rotterdam
Lee Seon M. Identifying the Factors that Contribute to the Brand Value of a Port
Lee Chialing A Study of the Relation between Environmental and Organizational Performance of Green Supply Chain Practices in Liner Shipping Industry
Metaxakis Nikolaos Privatization of Port Facilities: the Case of Piraeus
Mwisila Lucas The Role of Dar es Salaam Port: Analysis on Productivity and the Prospective Containerizaion Effects in the Region
Navarro Grifo (Carla) The Economic Value of Terminal Operating Systems
Pandey Ashok K. Arctic Shipping and Commercial Viability of the North West Passage
Plata Ivan Truck Appointment Systems: An Alternative to Solve Congestion at Container Terminal Gates – A Case Study
Renaud Sebastien A Semi-Parametric Approach to Second-Hand Ship Prices
Ruiz Thalia Competitiveness of the Tran isthmus Logistical Mexican Corridor into the Far East – US Container Transportation Networks
Saad Charif Post-conference Strategies in Liner Shipping: Competitive Behaviros and Global Partnerships
Sharma Narendra Mergers and Acquisitions in Liner Shipping – the Continuing Trend towards Further Consolidations
Tovar Miguel The 100% Container Scanning Legislation – An Analysis of Waiting Lines and Economic Costs
Uribe Duna Strategic Port Development: Suape Port and Industrial Complex Case Study
Walker Jesse A road map to beneficial local content and participation in the Offshore Supply Boat Sector of Trinidad and Tobago
Woo Jong K. The study of Liner’s Strategy on Far East – Europe Service Route using System Dynamics
Xi Xi Strategic Analysis for APL Logistics’ Market Expansion in China
Ye Gang Analysis of the Maritime Casualty: Establishment of a Probability Comparison Table for Ships to Forecast and Prevent Maritime Casualties
Zhang Shelly A Contingency Model Analysis Based on INTEGRITY Program in Supply Chain Security and Efficiency
Zhang NanNan Transport Flow and Economic Integration in Pacific Asian
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