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Alexiou Filippos Macroeconomic Factors and International Shipping Stock Returns
Alhayyas Abdulla D.A. The role of Global Terminal Operators in Maritime Logistics; A perspective study of DP World
Balchev Peter M. Determinants of shipping loan leverage
Cardenas Gilberto T. Port ancillary services reform as a strategy to increase port attractiveness: A case study approach
Chen Mei-Yen Transhipment Process Control:  A Case Study of Shipping Line Logistics Management in Rotterdam
Cheon Jarrod Ho Wei Ensuring Quality Managers in the Global Shipping Industry: An Analysis on the Added-Value and Significance to Embark On Postgraduate Maritime Studies
Correia Duarte M.P. Information and Communication Technology and Port Community Systems: Determinant Factors for Port Competitiveness in Developing Countries
Fang Fang Econometric Modelling of Demand-Supply Forecasting in Liner Shipping
Fei Yan The analysis on port comprehensive competitive power and its evaluating model
Garcia Luis A.N. Strategies to Improve the Barge Operation in Rotterdam: An APM Terminals Case Study
González Jorge J. Competitiveness Analysis of the Port of Altamira with respect to Mexican Ports in the Gulf of Mexico
Groothuis Sander Determinants of large shippers’ port selection on the US and Canadian West Coast
Havermans Peter-Paul Ship-owners’ Interests Representation: the Present and the Future
Jia Xue The Role of Government in Port Development: Comparison of Port of Rotterdam and Shanghai
Kang Kyung S.G. Revitalizing the Maritime Training & Education in the Republic of Korea
Karlsen Eric S. Drivers of Concentration and Analysis of Trends in LNG Shipping
Karydis Alexandros Anatomy of transaction costs in intermodal networks: An entropy simulation
Keong Edwin Leong Meng Effect of Vertical Integration on Long Term Profitability of Container Shipping Lines
Loupasis Konstantinos Optimising Line Structures of door to door Carriers
Mallidis Ioannis The Port of Thessaloniki as an Entry Logistics Hub for S.E. Europe: Prerequisites and Potential
Margaritis Ilias E. “Key Drivers behind Pricing Strategies in Liner Shipping”
Mishnev Vadim In- Depth HeavyLift Market Analysis
Nikolaisen Andre Air emission strategy for ship owners
Peralta Fernando T.M. Design for future flexibilities “Panama oil terminal study case”
Ryabchenko Egor Russian North-Western logistical cluster: A shift from shipping to railway?
Sepúlveda Luis A.V. Crude Oil Markets and Tanker Spot Freight Rates
Stavdal Torkell P. A Feasibility Study on Kite Technology
Urrutia Ricardo J.D. The Economic and Environmental Impact of Terminal Development: An Assessment on the Introduction of an Oil Terminal in Panama
van der Poel Leonie Bioport Rotterdam, Positioning in the European Biofuels Market
Varma Rajat Attractiveness of Black Sea Ports in Serving European Markets using containers via Inland Waterways
Wagner Torben Private Capital in Container Terminals
Wei (Wei To-Fen) Dora Chinese Economics and World Seaborne Trade
Xiong Yan Risk Assessment of Inland Vessel Traffic in Port of Rotterdam
YiYe Ding Port Selection Criteria in the China – North West Europe Trade Routes from Shippers and Consignees’ Perspective
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