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Abbas Mohamed Regional Maritime Venture Plan: Tyrian Purple Shipping (TPS)
Ansari Zia Portfolio Risk Management in Shipping Real Assets and Shipping Security Assets
Armstrong Yvonne The Implications of Power at Sea: An Analysis of United States Strategic Sealift Capacity & the Rebasing Of American Forces
Balachandran Sanjay Liner Logistics Competitiveness in the Benelux Area – A Performance Gap Analysis
Berard-Andersen Morten Strategic Sealift in Europe and the Future of the RO-RO Market
Brady III Philip Intermodal Container Security: The United States vs. the European Union
Chatzipanagiotis Vasilis The FFA Market Set and Discovery of Spread Play Opportunities
Chawla Vikram The Ultra Large Container Ship: Challenges and Impacts on the Terminal
Chen Weiwei Growth Forecast and SWOT Analysis of Sea-rail Combined Intermodal Transportation in the Port of Shanghai
Cruz Lester H. Intraregional Trade and Liner Shipping Services in the Association of Caribbean States
Frangos Stefanos Further Evidence for the Unbiasedness Hypothesis in the Freight Forward Market
Garcia Alejandro Port Management Restructuring: A Comparative Study of Panama and Rotterdam
Gujar Girish Growth of Containerization and Multi Modal Transportation in India
Huang Sam Container Terminal Crane Finance: Opportunities and Risks
Infantes Mirko Desirability and Applicability of a Quantitative Model on the Container Port Competition in the Hamburg – Le Havre Range
Jadhao Kaushik Initiating Emissions Trading in Shipping – An Efficient Approach To Nourish Sustainable Development
Kee Jeremy A Simulation on the Optimum Container Ship Size for Intra South East Asian Services
Kim Su-Young An Investigation on the Development of Korean Logistics Hub in Northeast Asia: Lessons from Rotterdam Experiences
Klaoudatos Lambros Station Keeping for Deepwater Mobile Offshore Drilling Units: An Economic and Operational Perspective
Kotkiewicz Anna G. End User Marketing Strategy in a Container Terminal – ECT Case
Lasytsya Yaroslavna The Role of Bills of Lading in International Seaborne Trade
Li Yuanhao The Market Environment Analysis and Strategy for Local 3PL in China
Lu Hua Logistics Hub: A Definition and Future Development
Martinez Javier N. Maritime Fraud
Muthukaruppiah Sudar India-Iran Gas Pipeline: A Comparative Analysis of Gas Transportation
Pan Ju G. Ship Financing in Singapore
Rodriguez Alvaro Developments in the Container Shipping Market and their Effects on Ports and Terminals: The Case of Ceres Paragon Terminal
Sanianos Eloy The Development of Offshore Oil and its Role in Portugal’s Energy Balance
Seo Myeong-Seob Port Management Restructuring: A Comparison between the Corporatisation of BPA and PoR
Song Su Environmental Impact Assessment on Maritime Industry and Possible Measures
Suraj Rohit Market Perspectives and Shipping Insights
Tong Bin Reverse Logistics: A Research on the Cell Phone Remanufacturing and Reselling
Touzot Arthur Strategic Cost Management for Liner Services: Introduction to Bunker Fuel Management
van der Giessen Maarten Cost Awareness: What is it and how can you create it
Wang Jen-Kuei Forms of Cooperation between Mainline and Regional Carriers: Feeder Selection from a Carrier’s Perspective
Zhou Di Port Marketing: A Comparative Case Study between Dalian Port and PoR
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