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Last Name First Name Topic
Ammerlaan Emile An analysis of the developments in the Rotterdam deep-sea port
cluster till 2015 and its impacts on the container handling,
processing and distribution sectors
Beleva Bilyana Container growth perspectives for Bulgaria in the the Balck Sea market:
An outlook on macro-economic and logistics developments
Beltri Ortiz Victor Port corporate governance
Bourdin Virginie Extended gateway model
Bu Tingting The analysis of the future of freight futures in China
Bui Truong Determinants of liner shipping connectivity with a special focus on
Latin America
Chuang Cheng From an economic point of view:
The liberalization of trade and shipping between Taiwan and China; how
will it affect the Taiwanese maritime sector?
de Vries Wietse Bulk terminal pricing
Desai Vaibhavkumar Risk analysis in port finance
Dobriakova Maria An Investigation into the Pricing Strategy and Its
Implications for the Financial Performance of the Russian P&I Pool
(the case of P&I Insurance)
Fan Xinyu Port state control
Gallo Gallego Federico US customs-trade partnership against terrorism (C-TPAT) program:
a blueprint for international certification?
Gkanatsas Evangelos Designing robust shipping schedules
Hegde Kjersti The future of the LNG sport market
Huang Ke The application of revenue management system in container shipping
Ju Sang Uk A study of Korean ship finance impacting on competitiveness of Korean
ocean-going shipping company
Khalili Farshad Consideration on the development of a container terminal in the Iranian
port of Bushehr
Lu Zhendong Can China become the number one shipbuildig nation in 2015?
Nazari Dariush Evaluating container yard lay-out: A simulation approach
Niswari Astrini Container terminal expansion to build capacity: A case study.
Pechlivanidou Anna Russian crude oil pipelines and their impact on tanker demand
Pourhaji Mohammad Globalization and port strategy in Iran
Sayar Burcin
Schröder Sven Smit Terminal’s enhancement of market power through cost leadership
Stroman Swantje Zeebrugge as gateway to the Belgian market for Maersk Sealand
Tan Ching Ai Stacy Perceptual differences between logistics service providers and shippers
Tzavaras Dimitrios Alternative sources of raising capital in ship finance
Ulloa Baez Ana Facility location and lay-out for a large scale container terminal in
Maasvlakte 2 Rotterdam
Zhang Hongbin Maritime negotiations in the WTO: an analysis in of the Doha round
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