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The thesis is the final project of the MEL MSc and it combines various aspects of the programme with our students’ own expertise. Throughout the past years remarkable work has been done and theses with a grade high enough are published in the university library.

Last Name First Name Topic
Adiliya Ana Analysing An Integrated Maritime Transportation System: The Case The Port Of Tenau Kupang As A Potential Transhipment Port For South-East Indonesia
Agussi Sachira Analysis of value added creation and employment of cargo types within the Hamburg-Le Havre range of seaports
Alarcon Fernando A long-term projection of the containership sizes operating in Chile after Panama Canal expansion
Diplas Andreas How should a risk-averse shipowner build his asset portfolio: Bigger vs. Smaller Ships (Volatility Analysis for the Dry Bulk sector)
Effendhi Arief An Empirical Study of Container Growth by de-Linking it with GDP
El Khadiri Naouar Modelling Merger and Acquisition activities in container shipping market using Markov Decision Processes
El Murr Georges Sustainable Port Integration: Analysing Drivers and Motivations Within Diverse Cases and Stages of Inter Port Collaboration-Partnership.
Fernandez-O’Toole Cristina A Critical Analysis of U.S. Maritime Policy and its Implications for the Economy and the Nation 
Hutajulu Sondang The Economic Impact of Developing Industrial Gateway Port in Indonesia (Case Study of Port Kuala Tanjung)
Islam Mohammad Tawhidul Impact assessment of trimodal hinterland transportation on regional development around inland terminals.
Kalinichenko Anna The impact of investments in Indonesian maritime sector on country’s domestic economy
Karanikos Anastasios What is the influence of seasonality on the spot index freight rates for dry bulk shipping market?
Khandelwal Vineet Autonomous Ships: Analysis of stakeholder’s decision parameters to identify most suitable Ship type and its future total cost structure
Kim Gangil Factors affecting the freight rates of iron ore and coal trades between Australia and Far East Asian countries
Li Shuangling The impact of the “China Railway Express”: Opportunities and Challenges for Dry Ports
Martinez Chiunti Juan Carlos Impact of Donald Trump’s Decisions as President to the Mexican Automotive Industry
Mercer Kyra The proceeds derived from the effective selection of cargo parcels and routing of vessels to multiple destination ports
Monir Mohammad Monirul Islam The Role of Port of Chittagong on the economy of Bangladesh
Muhana Muhammad Faiq Farras The Importance of Indonesia People’s Shipping (Pelayaran Rakyat) in Terms of Value Added, Employment, and Competitive Position
Nguyen Minh Trang The impacts of sanctions and the opportunities for crude oil market after sanctions lifted: The case of Iran
Øhre Martin Factors that determine the potential of alternative fuels for a seaport: the case of Amsterdam 
Ounair Youssef Direct Port Call System Vs. Hub and Spoke System: The West and Central Africa Region 
Prasetyo Bayu The Impact of Strategic Partnerships on Sustainable Port Throughput Growth Case Study of Ports Operated by  Indonesia Port Corporation III
Putri Aprina A Multi-Criteria Assessment of Long-Term Land-Use Partnerships: A Case Study Approach in Indonesian Ports
Serena Puti The economic and maritime trade impact of Indonesia’s and global trade policy
Sharma Alok Vardhan Raghav The Need for Inland Shipping and its Viability in India: Opportunities and Challenges
Sommereng Kasper Cruise emissions: The Baltic Sea case 
Tamba Dasman Assessment Impact of Poor Linkage of Indonesian Ports with International Container Shipping Lines
Triantoro Wegit Comparative Analysis of Domestic Container Shipping Network in Indonesia Between Current Condition and The Sea-Tollway Project: A Cost Perspective
Utomo Dessrihana Impact of Open Northern Sea Route on International Maritime Trade Along the Southern Sea Route
Veen, van Bart Jan The adoption of blockchain technology at the organizational level
Wiharti Chrisantya The Impact of Carbon Capture Initiative on the Competitiveness of Port of Rotterdam: Case Study Approach
Wiragi Paulus Yogya The combined economic and maritime trade impact for Indonesia of local and global trade policies as well as improvements in Indonesia infrastructure and logistics performance
Xue Yuchen The Ship Scrapping Industry in Southern Asia: Future Development and Economic Impact
Zhu Hongyu The Analysis on the Volatility Relationship between the Commodity Futures Market and the Freight Futures Market


Last Name First Name Topic
Adewole Oluwaseye Port Development in East Africa and the Impact of New LNG Development
Ali Aulia ASEAN Regional Free Trade Area Improvement in Logistics and the Impact Towards Indonesia’s Container Demand in The Port of Tanjung Priok
Aliyeva Roza Economic and Trade Impact of Low Sulphur Fuel Requirements on the Ports in the Hamburg-LeHavre Range
Aslan Zafer The New Inspection Regime of Paris MOU: Possible improvements of Turkish Ship Targeting System
Atmatzidis Ilias Trade Route Modelling in Chemical Shipping
Ayper Bora Efficiency Analysis of Ferry Lines Connecting South to North in the Sea of Marmara
Baez Hernandez Luis Augusto International Trade analysis of lifting Cuba’s Trade Embargo: New dynamics in the Caribbean container services
Bhoir Prashant Identifying the determinants of strategic port partnership in host country market for port authority/port development company internationalisation strategy: a case study of Port of Rotterdam and India as host market
Bipul Nilay Impact of the U.S. Shale gas export on Asian LNG Trading and Pricing – by 2020
Chamorel Edouard The dynamic relationship in returns and volatilities between Capesize and Panamax markets from 2008 to 2016
Dantas Lira Goncalves Rodrigo Comparative financial feasibility analysis of the Vertical Port Concept: A new concept in port expansion
Dedousis Apostolos The impact of Piraeus’ port privatization on port performance and port competition in the Mediterranean Sea.
Dimitriou Georgios Where is the Crude Oil Tanker Market Heading in the Next 10 Years?
Glyniadakis Pavlos The case of the Piraeus Port as a gateway for the Balkan region and Central-Eastern European Countries
Granot Adar Autonomous Cargo Vessels: Analysis for Future Operations Model
Kontaxis Dimitrios Explaining the oil price spread between WTI and Brent during U.S. shale oil revolution
Ma Mengyan The Potential Global Economic and Trade Impact of “One Belt One Road” and the Impact for the Global Shipping Sector: Study of the “21st” Century Maritime Silk Road”
Makhecha Arjun Analysis of the determinants of container throughput of the major ports in the Hamburg Le Havre range
Mishra Puneet Empirical Analysis of Natural Gas Price: Linkage to Oil Indexation
Nair Abhishek Alternative Fuels for Shipping: Potential for reductions in CO2 emissions, financial viability for ship owners and optimised fleet mix design for policymakers
Pasachidis Antonios Alternative Financing in Shipping
Rizzo Francisco A Look Into Ecuador’s Future Demand for Selected Products; Case Study for Guayaquil’s Main Grain Port Berth Capacity
Roha Anton Feasibility Study of Automation Implementation in Indonesia’s Container Terminal (Case Study: JICT Container Terminal)
Roman Chavez Julieth Development of a strategic plan for Port Authority of Guayaquil – A Case of Guayaquil
Sarwono Ottik A Comparative Business Risk Analysis Between Non-Diversified And Diversified Companies And Between Related And Unrelated Diversification Companies  Case Study of Port Services Industries in Asia Region
Varveris Dimitrios Revenue Management Methods in Liner Shipping
Veldt Inge The Impact of Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement on Maritime Transport of Maize, Palm Oil, Soybeans and Wheat
Vigfusdottir Margret Analysis of the Short Sea Container Ships Market. Support for Investment Decisions
Wang Zhuxiao The global economic and trade impact of one belt one road strategy of China – study of Silk Road Economics Belt
Zairul Reza Analysing Intermodal Options: The Case of Port Tanjung Priok
Zhang Yixiang Analysis of the Incentives in Environmental Strategies Implementation in Chinese Ports
Zhao Xin Green Strategic Positioning Analysis for Major Asian Container Seaports
Zhou Shengzhe The Impact of China’s Monetary Policy on Global Commodity Prices



Last Name First Name Topic
Alfaro Merelo Xavier The Panama Canal expansion: New Panamax container vessels and their implications for the basic port infrastructure in the container ports of Ecuador
Anuraga Arya A Comparative Model of Horizontal Transport Operation Using Simulation Model in Lamong Bay Terminal
Carera Yona Asri Managing Investments in Port Sector: Pelindo III as the Port Developer
Du Heng Comparison of Different Stacking Strategies for a Container Yard
Du Te AHP Analysis for Evaluation of European Container Port Performance
Giakos Athanasios The impact of the oil price on demand and supply in the shipping market
Henryanto Clara Unrelated Diversification Strategies by Port Authorities – a case study based comparison
Katsinas Andreas Modeling the entrepreneurial investment decision in the containership segment: Second hand boxship purchase or placement of an order for a new build? The case of Panamax and Post-Panamax containerships
Lazuardi Siti Dwi Analyzing the National Logistics System through Integrated and Efficient Logistics Networks: a Case Study of Container Shipping Connectivity in Indonesia
Liu Ruixiao Analysis of the efficiency of current liner shipping alliance between Asia and Europe
Maity Deep An analysis of how chosen exchange rate regimes and exchange rate volatility affect bilateral maritime trade
Manias Christos Comparative Feasibility analysis of the Sales and Purchase market of new-building and second-hand crude carriers
Nikolaidis Nikolas The Value of Flexibility in a Time of Uncertainty
Pathak Anirban Implication of combining the differentiation strategy with the cost leadership strategy for container shipping lines
Peponis Konstantinos Do Tanker Pool Agreements Give a Comparative Advantage to their Members?
Petrov Nikolai Analysis of the strategic state LNG plan for Russia
Raymans Jacob The impact of global refinery upgrades on the fuel oil throughput in Port of Rotterdam
Rodef Shalom Omri An analysis of the performances of Terminal Investment Limited (TIL) mature terminals and their corresponding ports worldwide
Smit Sander Factors influencing LNG throughput in Northwest Europe and their effects on potential imports from the US
Syafaaruddin Dwi Sukmawati Evaluation of container terminal efficiency performance in Indonesia: Future Investment
Van Tilborg Martijn Using standardization to optimize the global supply chain design of Damen Shipyards BV
Ventouris Konstantinos An analysis of eco-ships and the variables that determine the perspective of Greek consumers for the Eco-ships
Wang Jui-Chun Green Port Pricing – A Case study Approach
Wang Shengtong The economic impact of China’s “New Normal” environmental policy
Wang Xiao Container Vessel Fleet Expansion Decision-Making Under Certain Conditions
Weschenfelder Marja The Brazilian port-infrastructure attractiveness for private investors
Yu Yifan The economic impact of the Marco Polo II Programme on the EU Economy
Yuwardana Surya Application of DEA and MPI Method on Indonesian Ports Marine Services Performance: A New Approach for Investments Decision Analysis
Zulkarnaen Ferdhi Aligning the Stowage planning of shipping lines and terminals (a case study using MACS3 software on CMA-CGM in ECT Rotterdam)



Last Name First Name Topic
Antoniou Marilena The impact of various financial indicators on the investment decisions of a container terminal operator
Benitez Lianette Economic Impact of The Panama Canal versus The Panama Canal Railroad Company on the Liner Shipping Industry
Van den Broek Richard The Economic Impact of open Arctic Routes on Global Maritime LNG Trade
Cervenka Julie Stakeholder management theory as an opportunity for synchromodal market expansion
Chaikalis Athanasios The Sino-Russian roulette of coal flows; a multimodal optimization
Chinti Virginia Environmental performance for cruise port’s competitiveness: The case of Piraeus
Demeroukas Panagiotis The Volatility in the Dry Bulk Panamax Segment
Fauzi Ahmad Trade Regulation and Maritime Logistics: Possibility Impact of Implementation Law No.4/2009 on Mineral and Coal Mining on Indonesia Bauxite Logistics Chain; A Case Study of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero)
Fries Matthew The repeal of economic sanctions against Iran: Global economic implications and opportunities for the chemical tanker sector
Klapwijk Dominic Modelling Public Private Partnerships in Cost-Benefit Analyses; The Case of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania & Competing Ports
Kool Eva The use of low sulphur fuel and its effect on shortsea shipping between the North Sea ports and Southern Europe
De Korte Carolina Crew Safety in Shipping: An in-depth study towards the determinants of injury severity onboard offshore construction vessels
Lebedev Kirill Economic Assessment of the International LPG Market with Application to the business Development Process of Stolthaven Terminals
Li Jingjing The competitiveness of the Shanghai Cruise Industry Cluster
Listyaningrum Analisa Integrated Port-Logistic Hub for Textile Product Industry: A Case Study Port-Related Supply Chain Network In Tanjung Priok
Oprinsen Luca LNG import terminal efficiency in Europe
Papapostolou Eleftherios An investigation of the factors that influence the attractiveness of investments in new-building vessels. The case of Panamax bulk-carriers
Papazoglou Konstantinos LNG Bunkering Perspectives in Singapore: Should Fratelli Cosulich Pursue a First Mover Advantage?
Pavlou Anastasis Factors Determining LNG Throughput at the Port of Rotterdam
Pawestri Astrid The feasibility study of potential car terminal development in Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia
Petrova Ekaterina Clean Petroleum Products Supply in Russia: an analysis of factors that determine the commodities exports
Qu Lingyan Bullwhip Effect Research on Global Dry Bulk Maritime Market
Rahmawati Yanuar An analysis of the impact of river management in the Pontianak Port Performance (case study: Kapuas River – West Kalimantan, Indonesia)
Sari Endah Dwi Liesly Puspita Analysis of Container Terminal Performance Benchmarking: A Case Study in Indonesia Port Corporation
Sekar Deepak  Statistical analysis on maritime accidents
Stavrianakos Michail Economic Impact Analysis on maize based products in the North Sea Seca after the implementation of Marpol Annex VI regulation in 2015
Stergiou Evgenia Case study on how judgmental forecasting techniques can be used to enhance the accuracy of a statistical demand forecasting model
Sugianto Fajar The Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Analysis in Container Inspection Process; Case Study in Port of Tanjung Priok – Jakarta
Tang Yi Ship Investment Decision under Freight Rates Fluctuations
Vlachopoulos Dimitrios Monitoring the market segment of container throughput of the Port of Rotterdam
Waal Jente The effects of socio-economic factors on container volume developments
Wardana Wahyu Centre Gravity Model and Network Design to Determine Route of Liner Shipping: The Case of East-West Container Shipping Corridor in Indonesia
Yntema Lonneke  Global shortage of maritime qualified officers



Last Name First Name Topic
Van Adrichem Kim LNG Terminal Location Optimization for Vopak
Ahmadov Sanan Shipbuilding perspectives in Azerbaijan
Ajala Irede Co-development of business opportunities in Nigerian Port Networks: Strategy for Port Authorities
Archontakis Michail Monitoring the Crude Oil Throughput for the Port of Rotterdam
Aritonang Adriansyah The Feasibility Study of Coal Terminal Investment in Lampung – Indonesia
Bali Rahie Piracy Risk and Mitigation Framework
Chen Mingkong Study on the Berth Throughput Volume of Shanghai Shengdong International Container Terminal
Chronopoulou Theodora How changes in the sub-market of Oil Products & Petroleum Coke affect the throughput of this sub-market in the port of Rotterdam?
Dekkers Gerhard Economic indicators associated with the animal feed industry that affects the agribulk throughput of the Port of Rotterdam
Kouambo William Douni An economic analysis of the impact on port development in Tunisia and Morocco following their Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with the European Union
Giannakakis Konstantinos Monitoring the throughput of the Ro-Ro Submarket for the Port of Rotterdam
Grage Thies Critical success factors for public-private partnerships in the provision of port infrastructure
Van Hoogenhuizen Jan-Willem Determinants of Bilateral Liner Shipping Connectivity
Kegl Clemens The effectiveness of FFAs in hedging freight rate risk in the Dry Cargo Panamax Sector
Koukoumakis Christos The Impacts of the European Union Sovereign Debt Crisis on the Maritime Transportation of Natural Gas
Lascano Armas Diego Future of Iron Ore Imports in Europe: are the steel firms at risk?
Luo Han An Analysis of Port Competitiveness through User’s Perception Measurement
Madueke Ugonna Measuring and Benchmarking Efficiency and Productivity Levels of Liquid Bulk Terminal Operations Using a DEA AND OEE Approach
Metaxas Andreas Analyzing the Seven Sub Markets in the Port of Rotterdam: The Sub Market of Oil Products and Petcoke
Mizithras Pavlos Monitoring the changes of throughput, in the submarket of coal within the Port of Rotterdam
Ntaraklitsis Christos Assessing strategies within the Intra Europe maritime chemical trade: Stolt-Nielsen case
Palaiopoulos Theodoros Factors Determining Iron Ore Throughput in the Port of Rotterdam
Panagiotidis Dimitrios A global perspective of Liquefied Natural Gas vessels capacity
Rai Gajendra Behavioural Chartering Strategies
Sari  Vonny The Improvement of Cold Chain in Indonesia and the Role of Tanjung Priok Port
Shen Cong An Analysis of Electronic Intermediaries in the Shipping Business
Tsiboukis Andreas Monitoring the Agribulk submarket within the Port of Rotterdam: A Two Year Forecast
Varias Christos A techno-economic comparison between Eco-design and Eco-converted ships
Vavakis Filippos An analysis of the impact of non-tariff barriers on Greek ports’ trade flows
Wardana Dadan Feasibility Study of the Dry Port Development In the Highway Area as a Supporting Facility of the Port of Tanjung Priok
Warraich Alhan Monitoring the sub markets of the Port of Rotterdam
Widyasmoro Bondan Restructuring of the Shipping Department within Indonesia’s State-Owned Oil and Gas Company
Yang Junxiao An Empirical Analysis of the Price Discovery Function in Tanker Forward Freight Agreement Market
Zheng Mijia Research on the Management of Delays in a Construction Plan
Van Zuijlen Paul  Pricing guidelines for port authorities in the context of the theory of two-sided markets


Last Name First Name Topic
Anastasiadis Epameinondas An Economic Impact Assessment of Somali Piracy
Bagis Oguz Turkey’s potential on becoming a cruise hub for the region: The Case of Istanbul Cruise Terminal
Berezhnoy Artem Vertical Integration of Inland Port into Port Network: Case Study of Port Ust-Luga
Braga Muriel Transport Network Optimization for Wood Pellets from Brazil to Europe
Chi Lianbin Analysis of Risk Evaluation and Management in Container and Tanker Shipping Finance
Cui Bingchen Factors Determining Bilateral Liner Shipping Connectivity in the Least Developed Countries: A Study of Five Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa
Dartois Clement The Implication of the Liner Shipping Market Concentration on the Feeder Patterns
Van Elswijk Joey  Assessment of the TEN-T policies on the hinterland flows and modal splits of European Seaports
Gavitone Paolo  A Comparative Analysis of Three Industrial Supply Chains: Automotive, Pharmaceutical and Fashion
Van der Hoeven Rutger  Scale developments in containerships and the effect on feeder terminals
Iyer Srikanth  Analysis of Supply Chain Network of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry
Julien Shelly-Ann  An Optimization Strategy for a Container Terminal Gate Appointment System: Case for the Port of Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Karagiannidis Konstantinos  Chartering Design Model: Optimum fleet deployment in the bulk shipping market
Van Ketel Annette  Prevention of bullwhip effects in the supply chain of critical engine spare parts for parcel tankers, in particular for two-stroke diesel engines
Koutsoumplis Konstantinos  Analysis of Car Carriers Market: The Case Study of Piraeus as Hub Car Terminal after Evaluation by its Operators – Agents
Levantis Alexandros  Inventory Centralization of marine equipment and spare parts: The Case of Imtech Marine
Marinov Artiom  Analysis of the Russian shipbuilding market competitiveness
Padulo Shaun  A Hierarchical Intermodal Network Optimization Model for the Gasification of Recycled Plastic in Southern Ontario: The Case of McKeil Marine
Panagopoulos Alexandros  Northern Sea Route: a feasibility study for bulk shipping. Analysis of future potentials and impacts of the introduction of the NSR
Pendse Rohan A survey of emission regulations and an analysis of specifications for use of LNG as marine fuel
Potorac Nicolae  The economic impact of Port of Giurgiulesti development on the Republic of Moldova
Sanchez de Leon Yadys  Reliability in Liner Shipping
Siep Jessica  New Logistic Concept for the Inland Terminal Network: Collect Hubs along the Corridor
Styliadis Theodore  Greek Sea is not in Crisis. An institutional approach of the economic impact cruise ships have on local societies: the case of two Ionian Islands
Sumarno    Container Terminal Capacity Assessment: The Case of Container Terminal Boom Baru Palembang
Tsourakis Christos  An Analysis of Cruise Supply Chain Management in European Region: The Outsourcing Decision Making of Food and Beverage Department
Vogt Achim  The Tariff Effect of Imposing a European Carbon Tax on Maritime Transport
Voronov Alexander  Analysis of door-to-door logistics in the steel industry. The partnership’s analysis of Coutinho & Ferrostaal and Astra Shipping Agency
Yu Fansheng  Study on the impact of Chinese economy’s potential slowdown to the world’s dry bulk shipping industry
Yusufoglu Yusuf  Diversification in the Dutch International Freight Forwarding Industry
Zhu Mingli  Impacts of Panama Canal Expansion on the Trans-Pacific Container Trades and the U.S. Ports. A comparison between the Asia-US West Coast and Asia-US East Coast via Panama Canal post expansion from an economic angle and its impacts on the U.S. Ports
Zois Pantelis  An empirical study on ro/ro-passenger routes: The case of Igoumenitsa and Brindisi


Last Name First Name Topic
Alameddine Mohamad The effects of road taxation on the ports competitiveness and intermodal splits in the Hamburg-Le Havre range.
Breucha Martin Break Even Analysis of Triple-E Class in view of
different Capacity Utilization and Bunker Cost
Castaneda Jesus Emmanuel Feasibility of a Rail Hinterland Investment Project:
Case study of Port of Altamira
Dewi Ratih Kusuma The Key Factors Defining Port Performance Measurement:
Case of Indonesia Port Corporation II
Gritsopoulos Andreas Maritime Piracy in Somalia – Measures of day to day confrontation
with the risk of piracy
Guboglo Victor Corporatization of port of Amsterdam: The Impact of the Change in the Management Structure on the Port Performance
Hamidov Hidayat Locational Analysis of Dry Port in Azerbaijan
Hardian Bobby Transport Economics of Coal Resources in South Sumatra, Indonesia
Hemmelskamp Jan TMSA and KPI Systems – Challenges in Business Performance Measurement
Jang Yong Hyeok (Brian) Analysis of Logistics integration effectiveness based on Samsung model
Kampa Elina The Chinese Demand for Iron Ore and Its Effect on Freight Rates
Kartsiouka Eleni Factors that affect the Freight Rates of Coal Trade between Australia and China for Panamax Vessels
Li Junhui An Econometric Analysis of Shipbuilding Market in China
Li Yan The impacts of large scale container vessels on container terminals: Simulation of Triple-E class container vessel calling at Yantian International Container Terminal
Manayani Sanju The analysis and comparison of three industrial supply chains viz oil, consumer electronics and fast moving consumer goods
Mytilinaios Panteleimon Determine the demand for shipping services in ports using stated and revealed preference techniques. The case of the major Greek ports
Nieuwenhuizen Gert-Jan The impact of ultra large container vessels on short haul feeder connections
Case study: Short haul feeder shuttle Port of Rotterdam – Port of Amsterdam
Oblakova Desislava Assessment of the Impact of European Union Free Trade Agreements on Trade Flows
Panda Ashish Data Envelopment Analysis of the Resilience of Container security in the Indian Dry Ports
Stasinopoulos Panagiotis N. Return on investment in newly built and second hand vessels and portfolio risk management in shipping: The case of equity financed bulk carriers and tankers
Sun Jialing Gwadar Port from the Perspective of Xinjiang Province of China
Sun Pei-Jen Repositioning of empty reefer containers: problems and strategies
Vlachopoulou Ekaterini Economics of Scrapping
Wang Jessica Chia-Chi Chartering Strategies for Oil Companies
Wang Liguo Container seaport selection criteria for shipping lines in a global supply chain perspective: implications for regional port competition.
Zeeuw van der Laan Jaap Portfolio analyses in the bulk shipping market
Zepeda Carlos The Effect of Brazilian Economic Growth on Trade and Maritime Transport Flows
Zlatev Nikolay The Seine Nord Europe canal – a growth opportunity for the Port of Rotterdam?
Zwiers Robin Analysis of the Potential for a Commodity Trader in the
Bioethanol Market
Last Name First Name Topic
Andenoworih Tony Container Terminal Efficiency in the Port of Tanjung Priok
Austin jr. Donald Comparative Investment Feasibility Study between a Newly Built and a Secondhand Post-Panamax Container Vessel
Bali Saurabh Optimization of Vessel Arrivals at Port of Paradip
Chatzis Andreas Microstructure Analysis of Sale & Purchase Transactions
Cholis Georgios Piraeus Container Terminal Competitiveness in the Eastern Mediterranean
Dimitros Georgios Crisis Survival Strategies in the Dry Bulk Shipping Industry: the Case of Swissmarine Inc.
Dolidze Mirza Oil Transit in the Caspian Region: What are the Opportunities for Georgia?
Duenas Cervantes Rodrigo Evaluating the Efficiency of Container Ports in Mexico
Enoch Olushola O.D. Port Reform, Privatisation and Competition- A Cross Case Analysis of West African Ports
Filopoulos Nikolaos Ship Spare Parts Network and Inventory Optimisation: the Case of Golden Cargo
Ghzayel Bashar A. Lattakia’s Potential as a Mediterranean Gateway to the Middle East
Imanuddin   Investment Opportunities in the Port of Tanjung Priok: Development Scenario of the Multi Terminal, Indonesia
Inmuang Chagkrit Analyzing Intermodal Freight Transport Competition with Cost Models: the Case of Thailand
Isnawan Arif Port Reform and Change in Indonesia: an Assessment of the Potential Strategic Responses of IPC II
Kalia Piyush Integrated Green Logistics Systems in Gujarat
Kasimatis Nikolaos Techno-economic Impacts of Sulphur Abatement on a Suezmax Tanker
Kim Thai Young Strategy of Internalizing Main Success Factors from 3PL Providers: Focusing on IT System Accomplishment
Koulouris Dimitrios Methods of Shipping Finance: the Case of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPAC)
Kurasov Anton Y. Strategies for Entering the Russian Tank Container and Liquid Bulk Transportation Markets
Mahani Hitender Recent Developments in Forward Freight Agreements: a Review
Mayora Villa Alex C. Route Feasibility for Container Transportation: Panama Canal New Route vs. U.S. Intermodal System (USWC-USEC)
Parra Jimenez Maria F. Application of Root Cause Analysis in Marine Accident Investigation: Case study SMIT Transport & Heavy Lift
Popov Konstantin Green Competitive Advantage in Demand-driven Supply Chains: an Opportunity for Carriers to Expand into the 3PL
Priyanto Budi Financial and Economic Feasibility of Developing a New Private Port in Indonesia
Quintero Raul Worldwide Analysis of Ship Ownership and its Relationship to Shipbuilding, Repair and Maintenance Markets
Rodriguez Diaz Emilio The New Inspection Regime of the Paris MoU on Port State Control: Implementation and System Improvements
Saranti Aggeliki The impact of the Global Economic Crisis and its effect on Container Terminal Operators’ Investment Strategies
with a Special Focus on Country Risk
Scaramelli Sara Determinants of Port Competitiveness: the Case of Valencia
Susilo Herman Improving Vessel Service Performance by Optimizing Pilot and Tug Services: the case of the Port of Tanjung Priok
Tsotsolashvili Teona An Economic Analysis of the Impact of Georgian Black Sea Port Development on Georgia and its Neighbouring
Uludag Erdal The Economic Impact of Sulphur Emissions from Ships and Marpol Annex VI
Walenski Simon Impact of a Possible Inclusion of the Transportation Sector under the EU Emission Trading Scheme
Widhiatmoko Bimo Effects of Maintenance Performance on Competitive Advantage:  the Case of Indonesian Port Company
Wohlkönig Astrid The Growing Importance of Container Back Haulage from Europe to Asia and its Impact on Freight Rates
Zhu Han Jun Optimizing the Workflow of Outsourcing Container Transshipment in Rotterdam
Last Name First Name Topic
Buchi Daria Modern maritime piracy: a heuristic framework to identify potential future piracy hotspots
Chee Jason Fleet composition as competitive advantage
Choi Byung Chull Optimizing storage capacity in public distribution centres
Demirel Baris Private container terminal efficiency in Turkey
Ellero Antonio Sergio Barge hinterland transport of orange juice in Europe
Fisher Christopher Foreign direct investment in Greenfield port projects in developing countries: a determination of leading indicators for successful investment
Flanegin Gunther The remaining economic life time of a semi-submersible crane vessel
Geerdes Rogier Maritime casualties: developments and causal relations
Kefalas Anastasios The Greek passenger ferry transport system: service level agreements in the route Piraeus – Samos Island
Leenders Tijl The intelligence process at Royal Vopak N.V.: a grounded theory approach
Mandebvu Tsungirirai Leveraging distinctive competencies to enhance competiveness in liner shipping: strategic analysis and the sustainability explored
Mikelaishvili Vakhtang Port pricing – flexible price system and automatic cyclical correction for port leasing and operational contracts
Mintilogliti Maria Nefeli Integrated maritime policy in the Port of Rotterdam
Muntzing Rickard William Mutuality in P&I insurance: an institutional approach
Parameritis Ioannis Liner shipping regulation and pricing for integrated logistics services
Pena Hormaza Enrique Queuing scenarios in bulk terminal discharge operations in the ports of Colombia
Plousios Asteris Maintenance and spare parts inventory optimization at container terminals: the case of ECT
Pollalis Aporstolos Third party ship management companies and their legal relationship with their principals
Purohit Festen Kajal Feasibility of the hub-and-spoke principle for LNG supply chains in Northwest Europe
Schutte Djurre Jan BLU Code compliance and vessel suitability for terminal handling
Selevistas Marios Investments in bulk shipping: an evaluation framework
Tousypanah Honey The economic crisis impact on liner shipping connectivity: a quantitative approach
Van der Beek Daniel Barging on the Rhine and the challenge for the port of Rotterdam
Xu Jian Recent consolidation trends in the container terminal industry
Yun Hyeong Sun Liner alliance: the future of the liner shipping industry?
Zhang Yichi Cost-benefit analysis of implementation of off dock container storage facilities
Last Name First Name Topic
Cai Wei Container-on-Barge Network on the Yangtze River Valley
Ekim Ayca N. Investment Opportunities in Chemical Storage: the Case of Turkey
Georgiou Konstantonos Efficient Assurance of Quality Attributes in the Food Supply Chain – An Empirical Approach of the Wholesale Industry, Makro Hellas Case Study”
Hong Sungwon Sustainable Development in Ports: Cases of the Port of Rotterdam and the Busan Port
Hussain Mohamed An Application of DEA Analysis to Middle Eastern and African Ports
Kim Hyung-Chan Procurement Policy for Coking Coal – The Supply Stability and the Purchasing Cost: Cases of Japanese and Korean Steel Industries
Kwak James The Strategy to Diversify Cargo in Port of Busan – Lesson from Port of Rotterdam
Lee Seon M. Identifying the Factors that Contribute to the Brand Value of a Port
Lee Chialing A Study of the Relation between Environmental and Organizational Performance of Green Supply Chain Practices in Liner Shipping Industry
Metaxakis Nikolaos Privatization of Port Facilities: the Case of Piraeus
Mwisila Lucas The Role of Dar es Salaam Port: Analysis on Productivity and the Prospective Containerizaion Effects in the Region
Navarro Grifo (Carla) The Economic Value of Terminal Operating Systems
Pandey Ashok K. Arctic Shipping and Commercial Viability of the North West Passage
Plata Ivan Truck Appointment Systems: An Alternative to Solve Congestion at Container Terminal Gates – A Case Study
Renaud Sebastien A Semi-Parametric Approach to Second-Hand Ship Prices
Ruiz Thalia Competitiveness of the Tran isthmus Logistical Mexican Corridor into the Far East – US Container Transportation Networks
Saad Charif Post-conference Strategies in Liner Shipping: Competitive Behaviros and Global Partnerships
Sharma Narendra Mergers and Acquisitions in Liner Shipping – the Continuing Trend towards Further Consolidations
Tovar Miguel The 100% Container Scanning Legislation – An Analysis of Waiting Lines and Economic Costs
Uribe Duna Strategic Port Development: Suape Port and Industrial Complex Case Study
Walker Jesse A road map to beneficial local content and participation in the Offshore Supply Boat Sector of Trinidad and Tobago
Woo Jong K. The study of Liner’s Strategy on Far East – Europe Service Route using System Dynamics
Xi Xi Strategic Analysis for APL Logistics’ Market Expansion in China
Ye Gang Analysis of the Maritime Casualty: Establishment of a Probability Comparison Table for Ships to Forecast and Prevent Maritime Casualties
Zhang Shelly A Contingency Model Analysis Based on INTEGRITY Program in Supply Chain Security and Efficiency
Zhang NanNan Transport Flow and Economic Integration in Pacific Asian
Last Name First Name Topic
Alexiou Filippos Macroeconomic Factors and International Shipping Stock Returns
Alhayyas Abdulla D.A. The role of Global Terminal Operators in Maritime Logistics; A perspective study of DP World
Balchev Peter M. Determinants of shipping loan leverage
Cardenas Gilberto T. Port ancillary services reform as a strategy to increase port attractiveness: A case study approach
Chen Mei-Yen Transhipment Process Control:  A Case Study of Shipping Line Logistics Management in Rotterdam
Cheon Jarrod Ho Wei Ensuring Quality Managers in the Global Shipping Industry: An Analysis on the Added-Value and Significance to Embark On Postgraduate Maritime Studies
Correia Duarte M.P. Information and Communication Technology and Port Community Systems: Determinant Factors for Port Competitiveness in Developing Countries
Fang Fang Econometric Modelling of Demand-Supply Forecasting in Liner Shipping
Fei Yan The analysis on port comprehensive competitive power and its evaluating model
Garcia Luis A.N. Strategies to Improve the Barge Operation in Rotterdam: An APM Terminals Case Study
González Jorge J. Competitiveness Analysis of the Port of Altamira with respect to Mexican Ports in the Gulf of Mexico
Groothuis Sander Determinants of large shippers’ port selection on the US and Canadian West Coast
Havermans Peter-Paul Ship-owners’ Interests Representation: the Present and the Future
Jia Xue The Role of Government in Port Development: Comparison of Port of Rotterdam and Shanghai
Kang Kyung S.G. Revitalizing the Maritime Training & Education in the Republic of Korea
Karlsen Eric S. Drivers of Concentration and Analysis of Trends in LNG Shipping
Karydis Alexandros Anatomy of transaction costs in intermodal networks: An entropy simulation
Keong Edwin Leong Meng Effect of Vertical Integration on Long Term Profitability of Container Shipping Lines
Loupasis Konstantinos Optimising Line Structures of door to door Carriers
Mallidis Ioannis The Port of Thessaloniki as an Entry Logistics Hub for S.E. Europe: Prerequisites and Potential
Margaritis Ilias E. “Key Drivers behind Pricing Strategies in Liner Shipping”
Mishnev Vadim In- Depth HeavyLift Market Analysis
Nikolaisen Andre Air emission strategy for ship owners
Peralta Fernando T.M. Design for future flexibilities “Panama oil terminal study case”
Ryabchenko Egor Russian North-Western logistical cluster: A shift from shipping to railway?
Sepúlveda Luis A.V. Crude Oil Markets and Tanker Spot Freight Rates
Stavdal Torkell P. A Feasibility Study on Kite Technology
Urrutia Ricardo J.D. The Economic and Environmental Impact of Terminal Development: An Assessment on the Introduction of an Oil Terminal in Panama
van der Poel Leonie Bioport Rotterdam, Positioning in the European Biofuels Market
Varma Rajat Attractiveness of Black Sea Ports in Serving European Markets using containers via Inland Waterways
Wagner Torben Private Capital in Container Terminals
Wei (Wei To-Fen) Dora Chinese Economics and World Seaborne Trade
Xiong Yan Risk Assessment of Inland Vessel Traffic in Port of Rotterdam
YiYe Ding Port Selection Criteria in the China – North West Europe Trade Routes from Shippers and Consignees’ Perspective
Last Name First Name Topic
Abbas Mohamed Regional Maritime Venture Plan: Tyrian Purple Shipping (TPS)
Ansari Zia Portfolio Risk Management in Shipping Real Assets and Shipping Security Assets
Armstrong Yvonne The Implications of Power at Sea: An Analysis of United States Strategic Sealift Capacity & the Rebasing Of American Forces
Balachandran Sanjay Liner Logistics Competitiveness in the Benelux Area – A Performance Gap Analysis
Berard-Andersen Morten Strategic Sealift in Europe and the Future of the RO-RO Market
Brady III Philip Intermodal Container Security: The United States vs. the European Union
Chatzipanagiotis Vasilis The FFA Market Set and Discovery of Spread Play Opportunities
Chawla Vikram The Ultra Large Container Ship: Challenges and Impacts on the Terminal
Chen Weiwei Growth Forecast and SWOT Analysis of Sea-rail Combined Intermodal Transportation in the Port of Shanghai
Cruz Lester H. Intraregional Trade and Liner Shipping Services in the Association of Caribbean States
Frangos Stefanos Further Evidence for the Unbiasedness Hypothesis in the Freight Forward Market
Garcia Alejandro Port Management Restructuring: A Comparative Study of Panama and Rotterdam
Gujar Girish Growth of Containerization and Multi Modal Transportation in India
Huang Sam Container Terminal Crane Finance: Opportunities and Risks
Infantes Mirko Desirability and Applicability of a Quantitative Model on the Container Port Competition in the Hamburg – Le Havre Range
Jadhao Kaushik Initiating Emissions Trading in Shipping – An Efficient Approach To Nourish Sustainable Development
Kee Jeremy A Simulation on the Optimum Container Ship Size for Intra South East Asian Services
Kim Su-Young An Investigation on the Development of Korean Logistics Hub in Northeast Asia: Lessons from Rotterdam Experiences
Klaoudatos Lambros Station Keeping for Deepwater Mobile Offshore Drilling Units: An Economic and Operational Perspective
Kotkiewicz Anna G. End User Marketing Strategy in a Container Terminal – ECT Case
Lasytsya Yaroslavna The Role of Bills of Lading in International Seaborne Trade
Li Yuanhao The Market Environment Analysis and Strategy for Local 3PL in China
Lu Hua Logistics Hub: A Definition and Future Development
Martinez Javier N. Maritime Fraud
Muthukaruppiah Sudar India-Iran Gas Pipeline: A Comparative Analysis of Gas Transportation
Pan Ju G. Ship Financing in Singapore
Rodriguez Alvaro Developments in the Container Shipping Market and their Effects on Ports and Terminals: The Case of Ceres Paragon Terminal
Sanianos Eloy The Development of Offshore Oil and its Role in Portugal’s Energy Balance
Seo Myeong-Seob Port Management Restructuring: A Comparison between the Corporatisation of BPA and PoR
Song Su Environmental Impact Assessment on Maritime Industry and Possible Measures
Suraj Rohit Market Perspectives and Shipping Insights
Tong Bin Reverse Logistics: A Research on the Cell Phone Remanufacturing and Reselling
Touzot Arthur Strategic Cost Management for Liner Services: Introduction to Bunker Fuel Management
van der Giessen Maarten Cost Awareness: What is it and how can you create it
Wang Jen-Kuei Forms of Cooperation between Mainline and Regional Carriers: Feeder Selection from a Carrier’s Perspective
Zhou Di Port Marketing: A Comparative Case Study between Dalian Port and PoR
Last Name First Name Topic
Ammerlaan Emile An analysis of the developments in the Rotterdam deep-sea port
cluster till 2015 and its impacts on the container handling,
processing and distribution sectors
Beleva Bilyana Container growth perspectives for Bulgaria in the the Balck Sea market:
An outlook on macro-economic and logistics developments
Beltri Ortiz Victor Port corporate governance
Bourdin Virginie Extended gateway model
Bu Tingting The analysis of the future of freight futures in China
Bui Truong Determinants of liner shipping connectivity with a special focus on
Latin America
Chuang Cheng From an economic point of view:
The liberalization of trade and shipping between Taiwan and China; how
will it affect the Taiwanese maritime sector?
de Vries Wietse Bulk terminal pricing
Desai Vaibhavkumar Risk analysis in port finance
Dobriakova Maria An Investigation into the Pricing Strategy and Its
Implications for the Financial Performance of the Russian P&I Pool
(the case of P&I Insurance)
Fan Xinyu Port state control
Gallo Gallego Federico US customs-trade partnership against terrorism (C-TPAT) program:
a blueprint for international certification?
Gkanatsas Evangelos Designing robust shipping schedules
Hegde Kjersti The future of the LNG sport market
Huang Ke The application of revenue management system in container shipping
Ju Sang Uk A study of Korean ship finance impacting on competitiveness of Korean
ocean-going shipping company
Khalili Farshad Consideration on the development of a container terminal in the Iranian
port of Bushehr
Lu Zhendong Can China become the number one shipbuildig nation in 2015?
Nazari Dariush Evaluating container yard lay-out: A simulation approach
Niswari Astrini Container terminal expansion to build capacity: A case study.
Pechlivanidou Anna Russian crude oil pipelines and their impact on tanker demand
Pourhaji Mohammad Globalization and port strategy in Iran
Sayar Burcin  
Schröder Sven Smit Terminal’s enhancement of market power through cost leadership
Stroman Swantje Zeebrugge as gateway to the Belgian market for Maersk Sealand
Tan Ching Ai Stacy Perceptual differences between logistics service providers and shippers
Tzavaras Dimitrios Alternative sources of raising capital in ship finance
Ulloa Baez Ana Facility location and lay-out for a large scale container terminal in
Maasvlakte 2 Rotterdam
Zhang Hongbin Maritime negotiations in the WTO: an analysis in of the Doha round
Last Name First Name Topic
Acciaro Michele Public/private infrastructure funding
Alavi Saleem LNG market
Carpanese Michele Panama Canal
de Fazio Neto Andre Terminal performance
de Morais Eduardo Supply chain and IT systems
Dong Wei Hub agency systems
Erol Gokay Profit maximization strategies
Gao Lei Market power: fact or fiction ?
Gikas George Portfolio management
Grabowski Jacek Alliances
Haidas Thomas Empty Container Positioning
Hsu Yu-Fang  
Huang Yiyi Empty Container Positioning
Huisink Gert Innovations
Karagiannis Anastasios MARPOL 73/78, Regulation 13G and Tanker Investment Assessment: Is Single Hull VLCC Good Value?
Knapp Sabine Policy
Lemaitre Rafael Hinterland container depots
Li Xue Mergers between liner companies
Li Junfeng Outsourcing of ship management
Li Yan Berth allocation and vessel planning
Lim Woon Market survey for clean product tankers
Liu Xiaonan Rotterdam as model for Chinese ports
Lourido Tenoro Juana Under-investment in Buenaventura
Maneoglu Mustafa Berthing windows and productivity
Martinez-Rivera Gil Caribbean feeder feasibility study
Mavroeidis Konstantinos Portfolio and credit risk management
Pasaribu Febrianda Warehousing & Materials Handling
Pondikoglou Panagiota Product innovations – derivatives
Rhyoo Chu-Yeal (Escape) Strategies for port of Busan
Schiavone Marco Equipment imbalance
Schoemaker Antonius Shore based crew management
Seemakucp Apatsanee Effectiveness of ISM application
Shen Meng Portfolio risk management (financial constructions Asian vs European Companies)
Shu Qian Real option theory
Smit Suzanne Port info systems Hamurg – Rotterdam
Sooredoo Nishal Panama Canal
Tonon Damian Chemical weapons convention
Vogiatzis Antonios Portfolio risk management
Wang Fan (Michael) Competition in Europe-Asia liner shipping market and economic influence from China
Wang Fan (Frank) Reverse logistics
Wilken Leonardo Freight forecasting model Capesizes
Wu Mi-Rong Spatial aspects of port planning
Zhang Chao No topic specified yet
Zhang Ying Chinese retail logistics
Zhao Xin 4PL
Zissimatou Angeliki The economic aspects of classification
Last Name First Name Topic
Andreoulis Alex IT Development in Logistics
Batalden Bjorn Bunkers Hedging Analysis-Oil Futures and the OTC Market
Finck Elias A. IT and Terminal Design
Fuentes Hugo Strategic Cost Managemet in Liner Companies
Gabr Sherif Oil Storage in the Middle East
Guo Yun Cargo Security and Supply Chains
Hurtado Martin Financial Aspects of Port Planning
Ikeda Ana P. Sustainable Cityport Development
Jezierski Barbara Piracy
Ji Liwei Cold Chain logisitcs in China
Kallinen Mari Port Safety and Security
Kristinsson Bodvar Future Development of Third-Party Logistics Service Providers
Lee Soo Won Port Reforms in Ports of Busan and Rotterdam
Maasland Peter Cargotank Ventilation on Chemical Tankers
Mitrou Dimitrios Finance
Qian Baoqing Shipping and Market Efficiency
Santos da Cruz Gisela Global Supply Chain Integration and Interaction
Sim Eun-Seob The Study on Customs Free Zones in Korea as competitive Strategy for Becoming Logistics Hub of Northeast Korea
Tang Iili Port Risk Management – Case from Port of Rotterdam
Tornqvist Carl Bunkers Hedging Analysis-Oil Futures and the OTC Market
Wang Zhihong Future Role of Ship Agent
Wang Yi Chemical Logistics
Wu Dawei Future Role of Ship Agent
Wu Shuang Logistics Requirement of Chinese Exports in Europe
Wu Hongliang Basel II in Shipping Market
Xu An Business Plan for Inventing a Freight Forwarder in China
Ying Wenqi Ports of Pearl River Delta – Competition and Development Strategy
Zaloumis Michail Crisis Management in the Supply Chain
Zhou Mei Liner Shipping and Hinterland Logistics
Zhu Jie IT and Supply Chain Integration in Shipping
Last Name First Name Topic
Arriaga Eugenio Intermodal Corridor
Baccelli Oliviero What Would Happen To The Padova Freight Village If  The Canal Between Padoa And Venice Is Completed ?
Bellou Nancy Economic Analysis In P&I Insurance
Bie Jiangbo Developing Maritime Logistics As A Competitive Strategy For Ocean Carriers
Brostella Raul World Container Ports And Dedicated Terminals
Cantone Guilio Maritime Logistics : End-To-End Supply Chain Visibility
Cheong Sue-Young The Study On Supply Chain Management And Cases In Korean Companies
Franzolini Kelly Shipbuilding (Economics And Modelling)
Giagtzoglou Eleni Lng Market Analysis
Guo Zhichao Mergers & Acquisitions In The Liner Shipping Industry
Honc Sorin Feasibility Study Regarding The Transportation Of Containers Between Constanza And Bucharest
Hsiao Lily Food Logistics : Comparison Of Europe And East-Asia In Home Delivery And Distribution Systems
Ilmer Martin Pricing Strategies In The Europe-Far East Trade, A Quantative Survey On Parameters Affecting Container Rates Between 1998 & 2002
Ioannou Alexandros The Economic Role Of Open Registries
Kim Soo-Yeob Comparison Of Competitiveness Among Major Ports In East-Asian Countries
Kim Yong Wong Terminal Competition
Kung Carol A Qualitative Research On The Partnership In Supply Chain Management Of Uni-President Enterprises Corporation In Taiwan
Lin Simon Integrated Logistics Opportunities For Liner Shipping
Moya Jehidy Setting Up A New Liner Service (U.S. Gulf-Australia-U.S. Gulf)
Raban Ido Ship Finance (Mezzanine Finance)
Selkou Lina Shipping Policy
Sigurdsson Steingrimur Fish Farming Logistics
Sofronis Spiros To Prove From Company-Specific Data If What Literature Suggests Really Holds, That Is “Pools Are Beneficial To The Shipowners
Thorsen Vegard Derivatives In The Tanker Market
Yang Steven Risk Management Of Investment Appraisal In Shipping Projects
Yu Andy Changing Character Of Liner Shipping
Zhao Louise Comparison Of Container Logistics Service Between Rotterdam And Shanghai
Last Name First Name Topic
Aboesa Saed A Competitive Study Of Modern Port Management And Organisation Systems
Elizondo Jacobo G. Assessment Of The Feasibility Of Port Logistics Zone In Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico
Grizell Paul Electronic Market Place
Hadi Firmanto Passenger Vessels In Indonesia
Kyriakopoulos Marios Equity Finance
Manni Martin Deregulation Of Pilot Services
Margoshes Alon Forward Freight Agreements & Global Shipping
Mcconachie James Vessel Pooling Arrangements In The Non-Containerised Sector Of Maritime Transportation – An Offensive Marketing Strategy Or A Defensive Necessity?
Mesquita Adelino Port Reform In Mozambique –  Is Master Concession A New Feasible Model ?
Pashos Stavros Warehouse Management (In Ship Repair)
Selamet Ecrument The Future Of Alliances In Liner Shipping
Spiridon Spiris Bulk Shipping Pools
Su John Integrated Analysis To The Investment Strategies Of Liner Shipping Industries As Global Logistics Operators
Uezumi Kazuo Planning Of Optimal Port Facility
Wamiti Helen Supply Chain Management
Xiao Wen What Is The Trend Future Of Shipbroking ?
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