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The MEL Programme starts with an introduction to MEL, to Erasmus University Rotterdam, to Rotterdam, and the Netherlands. In this week we also spend time on the practical issues of studying at MEL and the resources that are available to MEL students.

After the introduction the first block starts, consisting of three clusters of three courses and a number of events. Each course has a fixed length of three weeks and accounts for 1.5 ECTS credits (The entire MEL programme consists of 60 ECTS in total. 1 ECTS equals 28 study hours).

The second block consists of four clusters of three courses and a number of events.  In the third block one course of each cluster is substituted by an elective course, which the student can choose out of a list of elective courses.

The last block of the programme is dedicated to thesis and graduation. The thesis is a major part of the MEL curriculum. Its objective is to enable students to apply the knowledge acquired in the course, through the methodological analysis of an applied maritime problem. Materials from MEL theses have been published, they are presented at international conferences, and several of them have also led to eventual PhD studies.


This revised programme structure enables an even better implementation of the MEL policy of continuous assessment. The method of assessment varies from a written exam to assignments and term papers throughout and at the end of each block. Relatively short modules provide faster feedback to the students. This facilitates the introduction of students with different backgrounds to the educational system at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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