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The programme reflects MEL’s holistic and integrated approach in addressing the complex interconnectedness of global maritime supply chains. In addition to the MEL courses, the programme places substantial emphasis on methodology and analytical skill development. Also the MEL thesis plays a large part in the curriculum.

Distinguishing characteristics of the programme – bridging theory to practice – are the MEL Events (social/cultural integration); Company Visits (in situ experience); Professional Development Courses (practical applications of theory); and the Distinguished Lecture Series (link to the Corporate Network at the highest level).

Learning Objectives

The MSc in Maritime Economics and Logistics (MEL) aims at fast-tracking promising young professionals into tomorrow’s leaders in business and government. The programme prepares experts with modern economic and management tools for efficient decision-making, providing them at the same time with methods, concepts, and theories to enable them to understand and analyse, in a holistic and multidisciplinary way, the complexities of global maritime supply chains. In this way, MEL graduates are expected to be able to act and make decisions, with managerial style and determination, under complex and uncertain conditions, in a global economic and social environment.

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“Executive education at a top university for the leaders and managers in maritime and port related business” – Dr. Larissa M. van der Lugt

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