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MEL provides customized in-house education to management trainees and staff of major maritime organisations.

MEL offers a wide-ranging spectrum of courses, allowing companies to tailor-make a curriculum according to their own interests and priorities.

MEL draws upon the vast knowledge infrastructure of our university. The university’s long tradition in transport studies started with the work on shipping and shipbuilding by our late colleague, Professor Jan Tinbergen, Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics. This tradition is continuing nowadays resulting in cutting-edge research, often externally funded, which finds its way to the classroom in a top-down manner.

This is also applicable to our tailor-made courses. State-of-the-art research based knowledge is transferred by the MEL education team to our customers. Our short courses package ranges from elementary maritime and logistics education to advanced topics for industry experts. All is delivered by a team of professionals that put our mission statement into practice.

“At Erasmus we don’t teach maritime economics we write it!”

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