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In 2004 a new student prize was established, sponsored by Maersk Line. Each year, the Prize is awarded to the best MEL thesis and consists of a Certificate and a financial reward.

2017Naouar El Khadiri
Class of 2017_Naouar El Khadiri
“Modelling Merger and Acquisition activities in container shipping market using Markov Decision Processes”
2016Mengyan Ma & Abhishek Nair

Mengyan Ma

Class of 2016_Mengyan Ma
“The Potential Global Economic and Trade Impact of “One Belt One Road” and the Impact for the Global Shipping Sector: Study of the “21st” Century Maritime Silk Road”

Abhishek Nair

Class of 2016_Abhishek Nair
“Alternative Fuels for Shipping: Potential for reductions in CO2 emissions, financial viability for ship owners and optimised fleet mix design for policymakers”
2015Shengtong Wang
Class of 2015_Shengtong Wang
“The economic impact of China’s “New Normal” environmental policy”
2014Matthew Fries
Class of 2014_Matthew Fries
“The repeal of economic sanctions against Iran: Global economic implications and opportunities for the “
2013Jan-Willem van Hoogenhuizen
Class of 2013_Jan-Willem van Hoogenhuizen
“Determinants of Bilateral Liner Shipping Connectivity”
2012Achim Vogt
Class of 2012_Achim Vogt
“The Tariff Effect of Imposing a European Carbon Tax on Maritime Transport”

Desislava Oblakova

Class of 2011_Desislava Nikolaeva Oblakava
“Assessment of the Impact of European Union Free Trade Agreements on Trade Flows”

Li Guo Wang

Class of 2011_Li Guo Wang (1)
“Container seaport selection criteria for shipping lines in a global supply chain perspective: implications for regional port competition”

Jacob Zeeuw van der Laan

Class of 2011_Jacob Zeeuw van der Laan (Best Thesis)
“Portfolio analyses in the bulk shipping market”

Carlos Zepeda

Class of 2011_Carlos Omar Zepeda
“The Effect of Brazilian Economic Growth on Trade and Maritime Transport Flows”
2010Sara Scaramelli & Asrid Wohlkönig
MLA 2010 scaramelli
“The Determinants of Port Competitiveness: The case of Valencia” by Sara Scaramelli (Italy)
MLA 2010 wohlkonig 2
“An Analysis of the Importance of Container Back Haulage and its Impact on Freight Rates” by Asrid Wohlkönig (Austria)
2009Barış Demirel
MLA 2009 demirel
“Private Container Terminal Efficiency in Turkey” by Barış Demirel (Turkey)
2008Jong Kyun Woo
MLA 2008 woo
“Study ofLiner Strategy on Far East-Europe Service Routes UsingSystem Dynamics” by Jong Kyun Woo (Korea)
2007Alexandros Karydis
“Anatomy of Transaction Costs in Intermodal Networks: An Entropy Simulation” by Alexandros Karydis (Greece)
2006Morten Bérard-Andersen & Kong Yew (Jeremy) Kee
“Strategic Sealift in Europe and the future of the RO-RO market” by Morten Bérard-Andersen (Norway)
MLA 2006 Kee
“Optimum Container Ship Size for Intra South East Asia Services in 2015” by Kong Yew (Jeremy) Kee (Singapore)
2005Dimitrios Tzavaras
RPO 2005 tzavaras
“Alternative Sources of Raising Capital in Ship Finance” by Dimitrios Tzavaras (Greece)
2004Meng Shen & Antonios Vogiatzis
RPO 2004 shen
“Portfolio Risk Management in Shipping and Optimal Asset Allocation” by Meng Shen (P.R. China) and Antonios Vogiatzis (Greece)
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